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 Show #17 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 6/28/08
Guest: Sarah Donahoe, Certified Angus Beef (Boise, ID)
Dish: Know Your Cuts of Meat

 Show #16 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 6/21/08
Guest: Sarah Fendley and Jaime Ford, Big City Coffee-Linen District (Boise, ID)
Dish: Homemade Granola Parfait

 Show #15 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 6/14/08
Guest: David Knickrehm, Bull's Head Pub (Boise, ID)
Dish: Lamb Souvlaki

 Show #14 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 6/07/08
Guest: Jeni Williams, Signature Chef for FSA
Dish: Shrimp for Summer

 Show #13 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 5/30/08
Guest: Shawn Carrier, Dina's Deli (Boise, ID)
Dish: Poor Man's Paella

 Show #12 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 5/23/08
Guest: Jon Gann, The Reef (Boise, ID)
Dish: Jerk Chicken

 Show #11 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 5/16/08
Guest: Bill Green and Adrianne Molenaar, Focaccia's (Boise, ID)
Dish: Vegetarian Polenta Lasagna

 Show #10 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 5/09/08
Guest: Mark Owsley, The Gamekeeper at Owyhee Plaza(Boise, ID)
Dish: Rocky Mountain Elk with Hunters Barley

 Show #9 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 5/02/08
Guest: Josh Young and Dustin Williams, 8th Street Wine Company (Boise, ID)
Dish: Maple Chili Glazed Salmon and Argentine Surf and Turf

 Show #8 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 4/25/08
Guest: Chris Brooks and Dave Kent, O'Michaels Pub and Grill (Boise, ID)
Dish: Cru De Tay

 Show #7 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 4/18/08
Guest: Randy Canfield, Whitewater Pizza and Pasta (Meridian, ID)
Dish: Willowcreek Sandwich and Baked Penne

 Show #6 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 4/12/08
Guest: Doug Cole, Lock Stock and Barrel (Boise, ID)
Dish: Roasted and Charbroiled Rack of Lamb

 Show #5 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 4/05/08
Guest: Chefs of the River Rock Alehouse (Eagle, ID)
Dish: Eggs Benedict, Pepe's Fish Tacos, Hawaiian Tuna Poke

 Show #4 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 3/29/08
Guest: Frank Burns, Flatbread Community Oven (Boise, ID)
Dish: Neapolitan-style Meatball Pizza

 Show #3 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 3/22/08
Guest: Jon Gann, Legends Sports Pub and Grill (Boise, ID)
Dish: Parmesan-Crusted Salmon

 Show #2 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 3/15/08
Guest: Drew Leger, Idaho Steakhouse (Meridian, ID)
Dish: Tenderloin Medallions

 Show #1 - Watch Now!
Airdate: 3/7/08
Guest: David Knickrehm, Blue Ribbon Artisans (Meridian, ID)
Dish: Venetian Halibut with Gnocchi

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Dining Out in the Northwest presents Chefs of the Treasure Valley. Each week host Jeni Williams invites Idaho's finest Chefs to prepare their signature meals from your favorite Idaho restaurants, live in the studio.

Tune in to learn how to make some of your favorite dishes and to discover new hidden dining treasures within the area.

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